A multi-Purpose bot with playable games, math, weather, and a leveling system!
Prefix: hx! or custom
Developer: thebeastatFNBR
✅ Online
🌐 Website
Servers: N/A
Upvotes: 0

This Bot is still in development but works like MEE6.
Please make sure that this bot has his role to function.

His Help command is hx!help
- Auto Moderation
- Points and Leveling system
- Math Commands
- Weather by zipcode
- Games like Rock, Paper, Scissors
- Welcome and Leave Messages. You can set this by saying hx!setwch in the channel you want the welcome channel to be.
- Moderation commands only accessible by mod or higher
- Memes
- Music
- Custom Prefix
Upcomming Features:
- Dashboard
- Customizable Welcome and Leave messages

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